Celebrate the Power of Youth on Democracy Day

Diverse people celebrating democracy day.

To mark the 40th anniversary of the 26th Amendment, which gave young people 18 and up the right to vote, Rock the Vote, the National Education Association, and SparkAction are sponsoring the first annual Democracy Day campaign, starting March 23 and lasting through June 30.

To take part, sign up to receive Democracy Class, a  free 45-minute, non-partisan lesson plan geared toward older teens. Democracy Class teaches youth the history of voting rights, walks them through the voter registration process, and engages them in a mock election.

Instructors will receive a free toolkit including the lesson plan, a video on the history of voting and how elections connect to young people, and additional materials.

Sign up to bring Democracy Day to your program or school.

Steer your youth toward the Democracy Class website, where they can register to vote, learn about voting rights and responsibilities, and view videos promoting democracy by music artists and celebrities.

Read SparkAction's article about Democracy Day.

9-5 pm Eastern