Community Service Toolkits

Diverse young volunteers

Learn-and-Serve-Clearinghouse-logoA trio of free toolkits from the National Service-Learning Clearinghouse can help youth workers jump-start – and make the most of – their community-service-learning programs:

Service-Learning in Community-Based Organizations: A Practical Guide to Starting and Sustaining High-Quality Programs: This downloadable guide, based on the National Service-Learning Clearinghouse’s 2008 quality guidelines for service-learning, offers tips and techniques for organizations interested in starting a community-service-learning program.

Make the Case: Tools for Telling Your Service-Learning Story: This online primer helps organizations use a variety of media, from print, radio and TV to social media and in-person presentations, to promote their youths’ contributions to the community. With a strong message in hand, organizations can use service projects as a springboard for reaching out to the community, mobilizing volunteers, getting funding and support, developing partnerships and building visibility. (See also NCFY's recent articles on marketing and communications for youth-serving nonprofits.)

Carrying Your Story in the Four Directions: Using Technology to Support and Sustain Indian Tribes’ and U.S. Territories’ Service-Learning Programs: Native groups, and others, will be interested in this look at how technology can promote the goals of community service-learning.

See the National Service-Learning Clearinghouse’s other toolkits.

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