Fact Sheets Link Violence to Poor Learning, Mental Health, and Health Outcomes

Two urban teenagers.

Young people who are exposed to violence in their homes or communities are at risk of a number of poor outcomes. A new series of fact sheets from the Prevention Institute uses the latest evidence to make the case that preventing violence is a key aspect of any vibrant community, one where young people enjoy every opportunity to learn, thrive and excel.

1.   Links Between Violence and Chronic Illness connects violence and fear of violence with a range of serious health problems, such as asthma, unhealthy eating, heart and lung disease, and others.

2.   Links Between Violence and Mental Health describes how violence causes emotional trauma such as depression, suicide and post-traumatic stress disorder.

3.   Links Between Violence and Learning connects violence and poor learning and spotty attendance. Children who are scared at school cannot focus on learning, and violence discourages investment in schools.

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