CBS Covers Family Homelessness in Florida

Photograph of a homeless family walking away.

A series of pieces by CBS News can help runaway and homeless youth programs show their communities the real faces—and real impact—of homelessness, and the ways that public schools and community leaders can be part of the solution.

60 Minutes recently aired an update to "Hard Times Generation," its exploration last March of the lives of young people and their families as they struggled with homelessness not far from Florida's Disney World. The new segment, which aired November 27, looked at families living in cars.

The two pieces and additional segments shown the week after Thanksgiving feature Beth Davalos, homeless education liaison for Seminole County Public Schools, and the county's Families in Transition program, which serves homeless families.

Original Story

"Hard Times Generation: Homeless Kids," 60 Minutes, March 6 (original air date)

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"Hard Times Generation: Families Living in Cars," 60 Minutes, November 27

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