Help the Federal Government End Youth Homelessness

A young person sits on a bridge reading a map.

The United States Interagency Council on Homelessness needs your ideas!

The council aims to end youth and family homelessness by 2020, as outlined in the Opening Doors strategic plan. You can help by submitting your thoughts on two topics:

  1. How to improve early childhood learning and educational outcomes for youth and children experiencing homelessness
  2. How to end youth homelessness

How You'll Make a Difference

Based on your feedback, guidance from experts in the field, and conversations with practitioners across the country, USICH will create:  

  • A set of actionable steps that states and communities can take to improve educational supports for homeless youth and children.
  • A strong framework for preventing and ending youth homelessness that will set us on a path to reaching the 2020 goal.
  • A focused set of priorities USICH and its federal partners – including the Family and Youth Services Bureau – will pursue in both the short -and long-term.

Deadline: April 30

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Read NCFY's interview with Barbara Poppe, executive director of USICH

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