Your Go-To Education Clearinghouse

A teen girl stands next to a school bus.

Wouldn't it be nice to have one central source to find what works in education? The U.S. Department of Education thought so and created the What Works Clearinghouse. Staff reviewed thousands of studies on hundreds of education programs, products, practices and policies. They identified as many reliable sources as possible. Then, they organized them in a searchable online database. When you visit the clearinghouse website you can

  • Use the Find What Works tool to search for interventions (educational programs, practices, or policies) that address academic achievement, dropout prevention, personal and social development, language development, reading and writing, and math and science.
  • Search by topic, such as career readiness and college access, school choice, student behavior and special needs students.
  • Find research studies reviewed by the clearinghouse and original publications about education practices that have been studied.
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