When Are Migrant Students Eligible for Homeless Education Services?

Photograph of a teen boy carrying a duffel bag

With school back in session soon, this could come in handy: A new brief from the National Center for Homeless Education aims to help educators and service providers understand the federally funded education programs for migrant and homeless youth, so that young people eligible for both types of services are able to get assistance.

The brief includes short explanations of the Migrant Education Program and the Education for Homeless Children and Youth Program, both authorized by sections of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. You'll also find a list of terms that the two programs use to refer to young people, the different criteria they use to decide if youth are eligible for services, and a profile of the ways the two programs collaborate in Polk County, FL.

Read the brief: "Migrant Students Experiencing Homelessness: Rights and Services Under the McKinney-Vento Act"

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