Pro Bono Tech Help Roundup

Photograph of a young woman wearing an audio headset and smiling.

Got a short-term tech project on your wish list for next year, but not sure how you’ll pay for it? Here are two sources of pro bono technology help:

  • Npower, a national nonprofit that offers technology services to other nonprofits, offers The Community Corps. The corps connects nonprofits with technology experts able to tackle small pro bono projects, under 25 hours. For example, you could get help with launching a social media page or preparing records for an upcoming data migration. If you're interested, start by creating an online account.
  • Consulting firm Web Analytics Demystified offers the free Analysis Exchange. The service enables technology students to work with nonprofits looking to better measure and attract Web traffic. Nonprofit organizations are encouraged to submit questions online.

We know technology is an ongoing need for youth-serving programs. Some of our past articles on this topic include our "Go-To List for Nonprofit Technology" and "Affordable Technology for Nonprofits: Debunking the Myths."

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