Videos Help Communities Unite Against Childhood Exposure to Violence

Close up of a child's eyes.

A new video series from the Justice Department’s Office for Victims of Crime educates viewers about childhood trauma and emerging practices that help address the problem. The series is part of a federal effort to unite neighbors and professionals in identifying, protecting and treating children exposed to violence.

"Through Our Eyes: Children, Violence, and Trauma" includes four videos of around seven minutes each:

  • The introduction features adults who experienced violence while they were young, as well as trauma experts who explain the changes that occur in the brain when young people experience extreme fear or stress.
  • "Treatments That Work" discusses two evidence-based practices that help victims of childhood violence: trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy and child-parent psychotherapy.
  • "The Child Advocacy Center Model" demonstrates a multidisciplinary approach that brings together police, mental health and medical professionals, victim advocates and others to treat traumatized young people.
  • "Community-Based Approaches" highlights three programs that support children and families in their communities. The video also emphasizes the benefits of individually tailored programs.

The Justice Department also offers online publications about children’s exposure to violence, as well as resource guides for professionals serving child and youth victims.

9-5 pm Eastern