New Collection Provides Trauma-Informed Framework for Domestic Violence Survivors

Photograph of a happy woman and her teen daughter.

Organizations working with survivors of domestic violence will be interested in a special collection published on VAWNet, an online resource of the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence. The series, published in April, features dozens of tools providing a trauma-informed framework for addressing root causes of violence and helping survivors heal.

Materials were compiled by the National Center on Domestic Violence, Trauma, and Mental Health Resources, in collaboration with NRCDV.

“Trauma-Informed Domestic Violence Services” is broken into three sections, each linking to a variety of articles, websites, and toolkits:

  • Building Program Capacity shares case studies and toolkits designed to help organizations modify their environment and services to become trauma-informed. Resources are geared to both frontline workers and agency leaders, who are encouraged to help staff members avoid secondary trauma.
  • Developing Collaborations and Increasing Access provides strategies for working with mental health and substance abuse providers and shares results from past partnerships. This section also highlights the importance of peer networks in which survivors share information and offer each other emotional support.

The special collection also includes resources tailored to specific populations, including women of color and survivors battling substance abuse or mental health issues.

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