Homeless Youth Under 18 Can Apply for Food Assistance, and Other Clarifications of SNAP Regulations

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New policy guidance (PDF, 50.7KB) released in May by the United States Department of Agriculture aims to ensure that eligible homeless youth can get food through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP. Here are three things for youth to know:

  1. They do not need to have a photo ID or a permanent address to apply for SNAP.
  2. If they are younger than 18 and living on their own, they can apply for SNAP on their own. They do not have to apply as part of their parent's “household.”
  3. If they are staying temporarily with others, they can apply independently if they purchase and prepare their own food. They can also apply as part of the household in which they are staying if they purchase and prepare food together.

Read “SNAP- Clarification of Policies Barriers Facing Homeless Youth” (PDF, 50.7KB). More information about food assistance can be found on the National Association for the Education of Homeless Children and Youth’s food and nutrition page.

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