Partnership for Freedom Offers $1.8 Million for Innovative Ways to Help Trafficking Survivors

Joined hands.

Following the release of its new guidance for working with trafficked youth, the Administration for Children & Families has announced a new contest to develop creative solutions for trafficking survivors.

Reimagine: Opportunity is the first of three competitions sponsored by Partnership for Freedom, a public-private partnership made up of the Departments of Justice, Health and Human Services and Housing and Urban Development, along with peace-building foundation Humanity United. The contest encourages members of the anti-trafficking community to suggest new ideas for sustainable housing, economic empowerment and social services for survivors. Up to three organizations will receive grant awards totaling $1.8 million.

Here are some things to consider if you're interested in applying:

  • Submissions must focus on domestic, rather than international, solutions. Because the contest aims to build support for trafficking victims in the United States, the judging panel will only consider ideas that can be implemented here.
  • Solutions should be innovative and bold, but also “doable.” Successful applications will include groundbreaking, yet feasible ideas that clearly demonstrate how they will improve quality of life for survivors. Submissions that discuss methods for collecting and sharing data with the field will receive additional consideration.
  • There are multiple stages to the application process. Contest participants must email their six-page initial applications to Partnership for Freedom by 6 p.m. PST on November 17th. Finalists will be asked to attend a four-day innovation workshop and submit a second application before the winners are announced in March 2014. 

Learn more and request an application on the Partnership for Freedom website.

9-5 pm Eastern