Want to Start a Youth Program? Get Going Today With Our All-New Guide

Photograph of a young woman, and the text Guide to Starting a Youth Program

We’re excited to unveil a new, interactive version of our “Guide to Starting a Youth Program.”  The new guide will take you through the steps of launching your own youth-serving nonprofit. It’s the only resource of its kind specifically developed for people (both adults and teens) who want to work with youth and help improve their well-being—and their futures.

The guide consists of four interactive stages:

Stage 1: Define Your Niche

Stage 2: Conceive Your Mission and Vision

Stage 3: Bring Your Nonprofit Into Being

Stage 4: Plan Your Programs

You’ll also find downloadable tools to help you do things like create your founding board, plan your startup budget and identify other organizations and groups you might partner with.

Starting a charity is challenging and time-consuming—and also hugely rewarding. We hope that our guide will put you in the right direction and enable you to help many young people!

Go to NCFY's "Guide to Starting a Youth Program."

9-5 pm Eastern