Strategies for Building the Evidence About Social Service Programs That Work

Photograph of a man reviewing a grant application.

Ever thought about evaluating an intervention you designed? To do that, you'll need funding. So how can you make the case to funders that your program shows sufficient promise and merits evaluation? Meant for funders, the Coalition for Evidence-Based Policy's new "Practical Evaluation Strategies for Building a Body of Proven-Effective Social Programs Guide" (PDF, 114KB), released in October, provides five recommendations that you can use to bolster your case in a grant proposal. They are:

  1. Don't evaluate an intervention too soon.
  2. Choose your evaluator wisely. Choose evalutors with a demonstrated success record conducting studies.
  3. Cut costs by using data that has already been collected and consider using credible evaluations that are already being implemented.
  4. Be selective when funding expensive, comprehensive evaluations of an intervention.
  5. Measure the impact of the intervention's main goal first.

Read the guide (PDF, 114KB) for more about each recommendation.

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