Four Online Resources to Help You Prevent Teen Dating Violence

logo, Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month

As Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month wraps up, it's a good time to familiarize yourself with resources that can help you educate and support teens and their parents and caregivers throughout the year. Here are four (well, really five) toolkits and webpages we find helpful:

1. "Teen Dating Violence: A Resource and Prevention Toolkit" (PDF, 446KB), from Alverno College Research Center for Women and Girls

Explores how technology plays a key role in teen dating violence and offers tips for youth workers who work to prevent it or counsel victims.

2. "Health Cares About IPV: The Intimate Partner Violence Screening and Counseling Toolkit," from the National Health Resource Center on Domestic Violence, a project of Futures Without Violence funded with a grant from the Family and Youth Services Bureau

Provides guidance on screening people to learn if they have experienced intimate partner violence, and on working with victims. Also explains Affordable Care Act policies regarding domestic and dating violence.

3. "Dating Violence 101," from Break the Cycle

A one-page primer on dating violence. Suitable for teens and adults.

4. "Dating Basics" and "Is This Abuse?" from

Resources to help teens learn what makes a relationship healthy and what constitutes abuse. "Is This Abuse?" includes the Teen Power and Control Wheel, which describes how abusive relationships work.

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