Meet Sarah Rosenberg, NCFY’s Librarian

Photograph of Sarah Rosenberg.

Sarah Rosenberg reads a lot. As NCFY’s librarian and managing editor of research products, she oversees the collection and cataloging of nearly 1,000 journal articles, reports, white papers and more each and every year.

Sarah received her MPH in Community Health Education from San Francisco State University, where she learned how to home in on reputable, rigorous research. Her 5-plus years at NCFY have given her a good handle on what information youth and family services professionals need and how to make it accessible and engaging.

Sarah makes sure that the clearinghouse library represents a wide range of perspectives on the Family and Youth Services Bureau’s programmatic areas of youth homelessness, adolescent pregnancy prevention and family violence prevention and services. For example, she looks for literature that addresses

  • interventions that target young men in pregnancy prevention
  • lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and gender non-conforming youth
  • substance use, sex trafficking and other factors that can compound the problems of youth experiencing homelessness, teen pregnancy and parenthood, and relationship violence
  • research on the experiences of Native American youth and other youth of color and on cultural considerations in program design and implementation

What the Library Can Do for You

Sarah encourages youth and family services professionals to search the NCFY catalog, then obtain documents from the original publisher or a research library. She says the documents we collect can help you

  • stay abreast of the latest research on the various factors that put young people at risk or make them more resilient
  • find evidence-based practices and assessment tools that fit your programs and the populations you serve
  • convince grant-makers of the need for programs like yours

Take a virtual trip to the NCFY library, read our research summaries and interviews with experts, and, as always, send your suggestions, questions and comments to

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