Positive Parenting Resources for Parents of Teens

A mother with her two teen daughters.

How can parents be a part of teen pregnancy prevention month? There's some evidence that having a positive relationship and good communication with parents can protect teens from becoming parents too soon. Here are some resources for parents of teens:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers resources for parent of teens on positive parenting practices such as understanding the importance of monitoring your teens' activities and the importance of fathers in curbing risky sexual behavior.

The Child Welfare League of America offers advice on positive parenting practices for every type of parent, including single or divorced parents and parents of boys.

The Office of Adolescent Health's "Talking with Teens" section has helpful tips for parents and caregivers about the best ways to approach the topic of pregnancy with their teens. Parents will also find guidance on discussing other tough-to-talk-about issues that can cause pregnancy, like substance abuse and dating violence.

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