This Father's Day, Encourage a Terrific Father to Spread His Knowledge

logo, Double Duty Dad

The daily lessons of parenting are many. The National Fatherhood Initiative's Double Duty Dad program encourages experienced fathers to share their knowledge with other dads, or use their knowledge to mentor young people growing up without their fathers. 

Dad's sign a "Double Duty Dad Pledge," committing to model "involved, responsible and committed fatherhood." You can find the pledge form in the "The Double Duty Dad Guide" (PDF, 10MB), which also includes step-by-step advice on how to find and mentor children and dads in need of assistance.

The free guide (PDF, 10MB) is a perfect father's day gift for the terrific dads you know. The authors estimate that being a Double Duty Dad takes just 12 hours a year.

You may also want to read our article about African American teen dads perspectives on fatherhood, or view our slideshow about a program in New Mexico that helps dads and kids bond over poetry and movies.

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