Give Youth the Keys to Their Financial Futures

A key entering a lock from which light is shining.

Learning about financial responsibility is a key step in young people's transition to adulthood. To help young people manage their dollars and cents, Jim Casey Youth Opportunities Initiative offers "Keys to Your Financial Future," a seven-module curriculum for former and current foster youth and other young people transitioning to adulthood.

Using a combination of workbooks and videos, the course not only covers money management, budgeting and financial planning, but also the many aspects of daily life that shape financial decisions. Running themes include how the media shapes values and the importance of goal setting.

Youth will learn about

  • Asset building
  • Good credit
  • Money management
  • Education
  • Housing
  • Transportation
  • Saving and investing

Instructors will find all seven modules, faciliatator guides, participant handbooks, printable visual aids, and pre- and post assessments on the Keys to Your Financial Future website.

Learn more about helping youth plan for the future in NCFY's "Financial Literacy Tips for Young Adults."

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9-5 pm Eastern