Join the Blogging Challenge to End Youth Homelessness!

Young woman blogging on her laptop.

This October, we’re encouraging youth advocates to use their professional and personal blogs to raise awareness and catalyze efforts to end youth homelessness by 2020.

Our 2014 Blogging Challenge to End Youth Homelessness is part of the Family and Youth Services Bureau’s campaign to recognize 40 years of the Runaway and Homeless Youth Act. Thousands of young people have received services and support because of this groundbreaking legislation, but more work is needed to keep all young people in safe, stable environments.

Here’s how to participate:

Blog: Write and publish a blog during October using one of the prompts below.

  • Why is it important to end youth homelessness?
  • What will it take to end youth homelessness?
  • What are you (or your agency) doing to end youth homelessness?
  • What can your community do to end youth homelessness?
  • What other topics need to be addressed in the fight to end youth homelessness?

Promote: Send us the link to the finished product, and we may share it on the NCFY website. If you share your blog over social media, add #EndYouthHomelessness to your post to join our related social media campaign. You can also tag NCFY on Facebook and Twitter.

Don’t have a blog? Be creative! Does your agency have a website or newsletter you can contribute to, or can you provide a guest blog for a community partner? You can also share your message through a Facebook post or series of Tweets and take a photo for the #EndYouthHomelessness social media campaign.

Learn more about youth homelessness.

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