From FYSB and the Children's Bureau: New Information Memorandum on Foster Care Youth in Runaway and Homeless Youth Programs

A young woman reads a memo on her smart phone.

Crossposted from the Family & Youth Services Bureau website.

Earlier this year, grantees of the Family & Youth Services Bureau's Runaway and Homeless Youth Program requested guidance on youth who run from foster care and enter a runaway and homeless youth shelter. Both the Administration for Children & Families' Acting Assistant Secretary, Mark Greenberg, and the Bureau's Associate Commissioner, William Bentley, heard those voices. In September, Bentley issued a letter informing the field of forthcoming guidance and committing FYSB to work with the Children's Bureau.

FYSB, along with the Children's Bureau, is pleased to provide specific guidance on this topic in a new Information Memorandum: "Foster Care Youth in RHY Programs." The Information Memorandum gives guidance on the appropriate provision of services for youth who run away from foster care and come into contact with runaway and homeless youth programs.

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