Human Trafficking Public Outreach Campaigns

A billboard displays a message against trafficking

If you're developing a public outreach campaign on human trafficking (or any other social issue), the National Human Trafficking Resource Center's webinar "Human Trafficking Public Outreach Campaigns: Effectively Reaching Your Audience" will help you raise awareness and measure the impact of your campaign. Here are four key takeaways from the webinar:

1. Tell the audience exactly what they can do to help. Be concise and concrete in your messaging. "Asking the audience to complete one simple task is far more effective than asking for three different actions," the narrator says.

2. Choose campaign images with care. Human trafficking is a sensitive and oft-misunderstood issue. Victims of trafficking often have experienced a lot of trauma. So it's important to avoid images that my re-traumatize victims, reinforce misconceptions about trafficking or sensationalize the issue.

3. Use victim-centered messaging. The messages you choose should convey the resilience of survivors and provide hopeful, empowering calls to action.

4. Set clear goals and intended outcomes. Know how you plan to measure success, whether by tallying website analytics, media hits, hotline calls, requests for materials, increase in reports to law enforcement, and the like.

Watch the webinar.

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9-5 pm Eastern