Free Training in Positive Youth Development

Young people sitting on outdoor steps.

Positive Youth Development, the idea that all young people need positive opportunities to thrive, underpins much of the work social service organizations do with youth and their families. Need to introduce new staff members to PYD, or provide a refresher course for veteran youth workers? Our self-paced online course “Introduction to Positive Youth Development” is a good place to start.

But if you want to offer training in person and in greater depth, you may be interested in “Positive Youth Development 101,” a free 10-hour curriculum from ACT for Youth Center of Excellence.

The course is divided into five sections that can be presented as part of a multi-day training or as stand-alone workshops. Each section covers key principles of PYD:

1. Positive Youth Development: Overview of the key principles of Positive Youth Development and adolescent development.

2. Positive Youth Outcomes: Information on strategies to build positive outcomes.

3. Youth Voice and Engagement: Strategies and ideas on how to engage young people.

4. Youth Development Programming: Information on developing a positive environment and youth-centered learning and activities.

5. Youth Worker Competencies: Guidance on ethics, boundaries, and competency.

The course includes small and large group activities to allow participants to be fully engaged through discussion, short lectures, informative handouts, and Web-based resources.

Download the course materials. 

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