Create Videos to Promote Your Youth Program -- New NCFY Course

A woman holds a video camera

If you're looking to make the biggest marketing and fundraising splash possible, you ought to be using video. And with video cameras on every smartphone, video is easier and cheaper than ever to use and do well.

We can help you get started. Our new tutorial on on making videos will show you how to use videos to improve your fundraising, provide youth with valuable job skills, and tell your agency’s story in the most effective way. And you’ll learn how to do it all using little or no money.

The tutorial is part of our new online course, Promote Your Youth Program. Our new series of five-minute videos will show you how to use blogs, videos, and social media to reach audiences you care about.

Take a few minutes to watch the videos module. And be sure to share your videos with us on Facebook and Twitter. In the coming weeks, this column will feature some of the best youth- and family-service multimedia we see.

9-5 pm Eastern