'The Homestretch' Airs April 13

A scene from The Homestretch.

"The Homestretch," a documentary that follows three youth experiencing homelessness in Chicago, premieres nationwide April 13 at 10 pm Eastern on PBS's Independent Lens. You can take advantage of the air date to raise awareness of youth homelessness in your community.

You can also let community leaders and concerned citizens know about work your organization is doing to end youth homelessness and the things they can do to help--like contributing cash or items young people need to your organization or taking other types of action.

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Here are three ideas for using "The Homestretch" as an awareness- and fund-raising tool:

1. Host a viewing party. Or encourage your volunteers and supporters to host parties. Sign up on the film's website and the production team will send you a viewing party tool kit.

2. Alert the press. Journalists might be interested in covering local efforts to support homeless youthin conjunction with the airing. Tell them about your viewing party, youth homlessness statistics for your area, and your work with young people every day.

Need help reaching out to the press? We've got advice on engaging media outlets and the do's and don'ts of media relations.

3. Host a screening. Many youth-serving organizations have screened the film for audiences of community members, policymakers, supporters and youth.

Learn the advice some of those groups shared in our recent #NCFYTalk on Twitter. Then contact the film's creators to request a screening.

However you decide to take advantage of the film, use the discussion guide put together by the creators of "The Homestretch" to inform community members, youth, policymakers, journalists and others about youth homelessness and what can be done to end it.

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