Learn How to Promote the Well-being of Youth and Families

Diverse and happy young people

Promoting young people's well-being promotes their future success. But what does it mean to promote well-being? A framework developed by the Full Frame Initiative, a national nonprofit in Greenfield, MA, that supports the work of social service organizations, divides well-being into five domains: social connectedness, meaningful access to relevant resources, stability, safety, and mastery. The framework is being used by the Missouri Division of Youth Services to enhance the well-being of young people in the state's juvenile justice system. In a webinar hosted by national nonprofit Futures Without Violence and presented Katya Fels Smyth, CEO and founder of Full Frame Initiative, and Phyllis Becker, acting director of the Missouri Division of Youth Services, you can learn about this approach and how it is being applied.

Though the webinar focuses on a juvenile justice setting, it's relevent to any youth-serving professional interested in promoting well-being by focusing not on the problem but on the "whole person" of the young people they work with.

Go to "Applying an Adolescent Wellbeing Focus in Juvenile Justice Assessment and Treatment Planning" to download the webinar slides, listen to a recording of the presentation, and get tools from Full Frame Initiative and the Missouri Division of Youth Services.

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