#NCFYTalk Recap: Using Film to End Youth Homelessness

A young homeless man looks out over a cityscape.

On February 19, we chatted with the makers and distributors of "The Homestretch," a documentary that follows three homeless teens as they fight to stay in school, graduate and build a future. We were also joined by staff from The Night Ministry, a Family & Youth Services Bureau Runaway and Homeless Youth grantee featured in the film.

The conversation focused on how to take advantage of upcoming broadcasts and showings of "The Homestretch" to raise awareness of youth homelessness and cultivate community support. Participants also learned about resources tied to the film's release, and walked away with specific tips related to fundraising, volunteer engagement and more.

Here are some highlights. You can read the full conversation on Twitter using #NCFYtalk.

9-5 pm Eastern