Start a Blog to Promote Your Youth Program -- New NCFY Course

A young man typing a blog on his laptop

Blogging isn't just about writing. It's about building a strong connection to a devoted audience. That makes it a great tool for social service organizations looking to raise funds, expand their volunteer pools and engage young people.

We can help you put on your blogging hat. Our new tutorial on blogging will show you how successful youth-work bloggers connect with their audiences and promote their organizations' great work. You'll also learn cost-effective ways to get started and keep your blog fresh and relevant.

The tutorial is part of our new online video course, Promote Your Youth Program, aimed at showcasing how blogs, videos, and social media can make your program better known and more effective. 

Watch the five-minute blogs module. And if you already have a blog, or plan to start one soon, be sure to let us know about it on Facebook and Twitter. In the coming weeks, this column will feature some of the best youth- and family-service multimedia we see.

9-5 pm Eastern