Recap: Using Multimedia to Promote Your Program

Scene from video showing a young woman walking into a shelter.

Last month, we debuted “Promote Your Youth Program,” our online video designed to help your program build a communications plan and produce your own multimedia products. But don’t just take our word on the power of blogs, videos and social media to engage communities and share your agency’s message. Here are some examples from family- and youth-serving agencies already harnessing the power of multimedia.

You Can't Tell Someone's Story Just by Looking at Them: In Corvallis, Oregon, Jackson Street Youth Services’ Youth Advisory Board produced a powerful two-minute video highlighting how students may have very different backgrounds and experiences outside of the classroom.  

Homewords: Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative in St. Paul, Minnesota, uses its blog to highlight new research and media coverage around housing issues and to share the kinds of requests it receives daily. The agency also posts about a new staff member each month to make its program more accessible to the community.

Staying Inspired: Inspire Teen Health in Bath, New York, recently published a four-part documentary series that explores issues like bullying and teen pregnancy. The videos feature onscreen testimonies from both young people and case workers to share what keeps young people "inspired." 

School on Wheels: The Indianapolis-based agency publishes a blog sharing its work tutoring young people impacted by homelessness. As recommended in our course, bloggers also use the space to thank volunteers, update readers on fundraising campaigns, and share original resources like this video on the difference between attention deficit and attention deficit hyperactivity disorders.

Teach Back for Street Outreach: In Cincinnati, Boylan Consulting produced a series of video trainings to teach community health workers about youth communication and engagement strategies. Each video includes interactions with young people to provide real-world examples.

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