Resource Roundup: Learn About Preventing Prescription Drug Abuse Among Youth

A healthy young woman.

May 17-23 is National Prevention Week, sponsored by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, or SAMHSA. One way to help young people #ChoosePrevention is to talk to them about prescription drug abuse, which is a particularly big problem among homeless youth. We’ve collected some online resources to help you get started:

Generation Rx Initiative: This site from the Ohio State University College of Pharmacy features numerous resources for preventing prescription drug abuse, including a toolkit for teaching teens about the issue.

The Medicine Abuse Project:  Promoted by the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids, this campaign aims to prevent teens from abusing medicine. The website includes resources for parents and caregivers, law enforcement officials, health care providers and educators. You’ll also find real-life stories about the impact of addiction on people’s lives.

“Talking to Your Kids About Prescription Drug Abuse”:  This SAMHSA brochure for parents can be downloaded for free.

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