Education Department Reiterates: Title I Funding Can Be Used to Serve Homeless Students

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In a "Dear Colleague" letter sent out last month, the U.S. Department of Education reminded school districts how they can use Title I funds, which are set aside to meet the needs of at-risk and low-income students, to assist children and youth experiencing homelessness. The clarifications will help social service agencies and the school districts they work with find ways to get homeless youth to school, pay the salaries of staff members who support homeless youth, and generally meet the needs of homeless students.

For example:

  • School districts may use their 2015 Title I funds or carryover funds from 2014 to pay a McKinney-Vento homeless liaison’s salary, even if that liaison has no Title I duties.
  • Title I funds may also be used to pay for the cost of transporting homeless children and youth to and from their schools of origin above what the district would otherwise have paid to transport the student to an assigned school.
  • Homeless children and youth are eligible to receive Title I services, even if their schools do not qualify for Title I funds.

Read the full “Dear Colleague” letter (PDF, 58KB).

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