Database Helps Youth Workers Find Activities for Support Groups

Young people playing tug-of-war.

If you facilitate a support group for youth, you’ve probably spent a lot of time searching for icebreakers, games, and other exercises to keep participants engaged. Coming up with a new activity each week or month is no easy task, and you can spend a lot of time picking an idea that gets a lukewarm response.

UK Youth, a London-based organization that provides young people with innovative learning opportunities, offers an online database of activities organized by topic area. Each activity listing, which can be downloaded for free, includes a simple set of directions, the list of materials needed to complete the exercise, required handouts, and relevant discussion questions.

The collection features some unique activities for young people, including:

  • Exercises that prepare groups to start a youth advocacy campaign
  • Discussions that help young men explore the challenges and opportunities of fatherhood
  • Role plays to help youth resist the urge to spend money impulsively
  • Problem-solving activities for peer educators
  • Art-based activities using video, rhythm, and body language

There are even activities to help youth workers build their own skill set.

We think the easiest way to browse the database is by clicking through the numbers at the bottom of each page instead of using the search box or word cloud. Also, because UK Youth’s work takes place in the United Kingdom, you may need to adjust some of the scripted language.

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