Federal Clearinghouse Supports Strong Fathers, Families

A child gives a card to their father.

On June 19, families across the country celebrated Father's Day to recognize the role that dads play in their children's lives. In an ongoing effort to make fathers part of the conversation around strong families, the Administration for Children and Families supports the National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse to disseminate dad-related research and innovative strategies.

Here are some highlights from the website's collection:

  • Responsible Fatherhood Toolkit. The online toolkit walks users through the steps for launching or strengthening programs that work with dads. The resource currently features five sections and will expand over time to include even more helpful information.
  • DadTalk Blog. Each week, the National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse publishes several blog posts on a variety of topics to keep dads and service providers in-the-know. Posts often include tips for building relationships with kids, information on fatherhood, and suggestions for low-cost activities.
  • Videos. The site includes public service announcements, typically around 30 seconds each, to show that it only takes a moment for fathers to create meaningful moments with their children.
  • Resources. The clearinghouse offers a "For Your Fathers” section that lists resources across a number of challenging topics like domestic violence, incarceration and reentry, and health and safety.

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