New Online Community Aims to Support Teen Pregnancy Prevention Efforts

A little girl pushes a baby carriage up a steep hill.

The Family and Youth Services Bureau recently launched a new online community for teen pregnancy prevention professionals.

The Exchange is an interactive platform for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program grantees, partners, and stakeholders to learn, connect, and create materials to increase the visibility and impact of their efforts to prevent teen pregnancy.

Explore The Exchange to:

  • Find and share videos, tip sheets, and other data-driven resources.
  • Discover stories from fellow grantees and cutting-edge strategies that work.
  • Gain insights on vulnerable populations and preparing youth for adulthood.

Each year, APP awards $150 million to states, tribes, and community-based organizations to teach youth sex education and healthy life skills. Through The Exchange, the program aims to “energize a network of leaders who can learn from each other's successes and work together to tackle common challenges.”

While birth rates for youth ages 15 to 19 reached a historic low in 2014, some communities continue to experience steady or increasing birth rates. Vulnerable youth, including those in rural areas, youth involved in the juvenile justice system, and Native American, Hispanic, and African American youth, experience birth rates higher than the national average.

The Exchange includes resources and stories from programs working to make sure teen birth rates decline for all youth. In a podcast on youth development, Abby Hunt, executive director of Health Care Education and Training in Indianapolis, discusses her use of evidence-based programs to prevent pregnancy with vulnerable youth. In a video, OhioHealth shares how its Teen Options to Prevent Pregnancy Program supports pregnant and parenting teens.

Through many other resources, including podcasts, webinars, event listings, and infographics, visitors to the site can learn more about promising and evidence-based approaches to pregnancy prevention that can be replicated in their communities. Soon, programs will even be able to create their own materials to promote what’s working and share with The Exchange community.

9-5 pm Eastern