Building Evidence: A Free, Online, Bilingual Evaluation Toolkit

Like any good recipe, an evaluation has many components, or ingredients, that go together to make something unique. Using a recipe as a metaphor, the National Latin@ Network of Casa de Esperanza, a grantee of the Family Violence Prevention and Services Act (FVPSA) Program, has developed the Building Evidence Toolkit, a free, online, bilingual learning tool to support Latino serving community-based organizations in the field of domestic violence.

In order to elevate community-based and culturally-specific work, the research team at the National Latin@ Network collaborated with four other Latina community-based organizations (La Paz, Trans Latin@ Coalition, Mujeres Latinas in Acción, Voces Latinas and the Amig@s initiative of Casa de Esperanza) to develop this evaluation toolkit that is culturally centered and builds the capacity of community-based organizations to evaluate their work.

Spurred by the need of organizations to provide evidence on their programs, both internally and for funders, the toolkit offers different levels to explain conducting evaluations, such as “New to Building Evidence” and “Exploring Community Evidence.”  In addition, it breaks down the “ingredients” necessary to create a culturally-specific evaluation for domestic violence programs that is relevant to the communities they serve.

Developed through the support of the FVPSA Program, the toolkit provides steps and resources for individuals and organizations with or without experience to learn why and how to “make” an evaluation. With opportunities to ask questions and learn from others, the Building Evidence Toolkit also encourages tweaking the evaluation recipe and learning together from peers.

Visit the National Latin@ Network for more information about research, practices, and policy to eliminate domestic violence and promote healthy relationships within Latin@ families and communities.


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