Minipodcasts Give Homeless Youth Tips on Applying to and Succeeding in College

A young person filling out a financial aid form with assistance from a counselor.

“What address should I use on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) if I am homeless?”

Organizations that serve youth have probably heard this question many times. Although applying to college can be exciting, this process may cause anxiety and concern in young people who are experiencing homelessness. Without a permanent address or financial support or guidance from their families, homeless youth often encounter multiple barriers to entering college.

With those needs in mind, the National Association for the Education of Homeless Children and Youth (NAEHCY) created a podcast series focused on homeless youth and higher education.

Some of these podcasts target people working in higher education, so we’ve put together a short list of the 2015-2016 podcasts that directly address young people experiencing homelessness who want to apply to college, or need support once enrolled. Here are some snippets from these podcasts:

The Application Process

Podcast 13: Avoiding Common FAFSA Errors (January 2015)
One easy mistake is not to sign the FAFSA, which can delay consideration of a young person’s financial aid application.

Podcast 15: Fee Reductions and Waivers (April 2015)
Homeless students often qualify for fee waivers for the costs of AP exams, SAT exams, and college applications.

Podcast 21: Searching for Scholarships (October 2015)
Students should avoiding pay-per-search scholarship services and  some scholarships have application deadlines well in advance of high school graduation.

Podcast 23: Permanent Mailing Address on the FAFSA (February 2016)
Options include using the address of a friend or relative and using your college’s address.

Navigating and Succeeding in College

Podcast 14: Now That You Have Been Admitted, What’s Next? (April 2015)
Students are guided through several steps, including applying for financial aid and finding housing.

Podcast 16: Transfer Issues (May 2015)
The podcast covers several issues to look into when transferring colleges, such as whether the new college has on-campus housing available; the podcast summary links to a handout with more guidance.

Podcast 19: Seeking Support Your First Year of College (August 2015)
The podcast covers various sources of support for diverse needs such as academic assistance, housing services, and counseling services.

Podcast 24: Suicide Prevention (March 2016)
The presenter reviews a list of warning signs that indicate that the listener, or someone he or she cares about, may be considering suicide. Resources for support are discussed as well.

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