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Photograph of young people cleaning graffiti off a wall.

Bright Idea: Mentoring Programs Do Double-Duty Community Service

August 25, 2010

Have you ever thought about stepping up your program’s efforts to help your community in a whole new way?

Photograph of a road.

Primary Sources: Smoothing the Rough Road to Adulthood

August 25, 2010

The transition to adulthood and personal independence can be challenging even for youth with supportive families and a financial safety net.

Photo of two men pointing in opposite directions.

Right on the Money: Preventing ‘Mission Drift’

August 25, 2010

Any nonprofit responding to a budget crisis, deciding whether to cut or keep a troubled program, or launching a new initiative can face the possibility of mission drift.

Teen daughter talking with her parents.

Primary Sources: A National Survey of Adolescents and Parents and a Girls Incorporated Study

August 19, 2010

To learn about the public's views regarding sex, abstinence and abstinence messages, the Administration for Children and Families funded a study that examines attitudes of 1,000 adolescents.

logo, White Buffalo Calf Woman Society

FYSB Tribal Grantees Speak: Tilllie Black Bear, White Buffalo Calf Woman Society

August 9, 2010

We spoke with staff and youth at programs that have received Family and Youth Services Bureau grants. Some are Tribal organizations; others are non-tribal entities that serve many Native youth. Here’s what Tilllie Black Bear from White Buffalo Calf Woman Society in Mission, SD, said.

9-5 pm Eastern