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Photograph of diverse volunteers shaking hands.

Right on The Money: Volunteer Nights Attract New Faces

August 31, 2011

Regular, structured public events are easy to plan and advertise, can be well suited to crowds like church and school volunteer groups, and are a great way to attract first-time volunteers to your program.

Photograph of two teens.

Trauma-informed Care Tip Sheets

August 24, 2011

The Safe Start Center has created tip sheets for youth service providers working with young people exposed to violence. Use them to help identify and serve youth impacted by trauma.

Photograph of two young people smiling and standing in front of grafitti.

Primary Sources: Making Youth Work Trauma Informed through Re-ED

August 22, 2011

The author of this article explains how the treatment model, Re-ED, lays the groundwork for what is now called trauma-informed care. 

Photograph of costume glasses with a clown

Bright Idea: Learning to Laugh in the Face of Adversity

August 19, 2011

Whether you’re a youth worker feeling overburdened or you’re working with a young person who's feeling angry, fearful, or depressed, adding humor into your day can benefit you both.

Photograph of Tonier Cain with her daughter.

New Film on One Woman's Path From Trauma to Healing

August 17, 2011

"Healing Neen" documents a young woman's journey to overcome years of trauma and become a successful motivational speaker and mother.

Photograph of a young man sitting under a bridge.

Primary Sources: Understanding Trauma and Transience among Runaway and Homeless Youth

August 15, 2011

Homeless youth suffer from trauma and posttraumatic stress disorder much more often than youth in general. To begin to understand why, the authors interviewed 146 homeless youth from Los Angeles, St. Louis, and Denver.

Photograph of Karen Pittman speaking.

Karen Pittman's Positive Youth Development Video

August 12, 2011

Karen Pittman gives an hour-long presentation on Positive Youth Development-—what it is, what it means, and how it can help communities make better decisions about their young people.

Photograph of youth leaders meeting with President Obama at the White House.

Youth Advise the President on Community Needs

August 10, 2011

The White House has released an E-book summarizing the results of youth roundtables held across the country.

Photograph of a young mother holding her baby.

Ask NCFY: Nutrition Programs Can Help Homeless Youth and Young Moms

August 8, 2011

Women, Infants, and Children and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Programs can help low-income and homeless youth and young mothers with food and other resources.

A happy family blowing soap bubbles in the park.

Primary Sources: Current Trends in Youth Work and Education

August 5, 2011

Undergraduate students and their professor report on challenges for the future of the youth work profession, opportunities for change, and the potential for youth work to help young people succeed in school.

Young people playing dodge ball.

Working Together Toward Youth Employment

August 3, 2011

Youth Connections is an online community to support youth workers and government initiatives in collaborating to help create jobs for youth and to connect youth with opportunities.

A young woman standing with her back to a wall.

Q&A: Mollie Ring from the SAGE Project on Helping Victims of Commercial Sexual Exploitation

August 2, 2011

We spoke with Mollie Ring, who coordinates direct services for victims of human trafficking and leads training and public education efforts for the Standing Against Global Exploitation (SAGE) Project, a nonprofit organization working to end commercial sexual exploitation. We asked Ring how youth workers can help victims of sexual exploitation.

9-5 pm Eastern