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Diverse children's hands hold up a globe.

Tools to Help You Serve Unaccompanied, Undocumented Youth

November 26, 2014

Several National Association for the Education of Homeless Children and Youth resources offer information about education rights and immigration relief.

A young woman selecting paint swatches with a trusted adult.

Primary Sources: Can 'Natural Mentors' Protect Homeless Youth From Behaving in Risky Ways?

November 25, 2014

Researchers survey homeless youth to explore the pros and cons of having adult role models.

Kristin Ferguson

Q&A: Kristin Ferguson on Supporting Young People as They Learn to Support Themselves

November 24, 2014

Learn how to get homeless young people employed in the formal economy by way of three equally important ingredients: clinical, case management, and employment support services.

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Join the #EndYouthHomelessness Conversation

November 20, 2014

A conversation about ending youth homelessness has been brewing on social media.

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Primary Sources: How Can Domestic Violence Shelters Include Young People in Family Safety Planning?

November 19, 2014

Researchers talked to staff of nine North Carolina providers that work with victims of intimate partner violence.

A young woman reads a memo on her smart phone.

From FYSB and the Children's Bureau: New Information Memorandum on Foster Care Youth in Runaway and Homeless Youth Programs

November 18, 2014

Read new guidance from two Administration for Children & Families bureaus.

Young man sitting on the sidewalk.

Department of Housing and Urban Development Reports 2014 Estimates of Homeless Youth

November 17, 2014

We share some of HUD's findings from its 2014 point-in-time count, as well as resources for the 2015 count in January.

A young man blogging.

Recap: Blogging Challenge to End Youth Homelessness

November 14, 2014

We asked readers to blog about how we can end youth homelessness by 2020. Here's how some of them responded.

A young woman looks over her shoulder at other young women

Primary Sources: Is There More Than One Kind of Bullying?

November 12, 2014

A new study finds that the severity of peer violence and how long it takes place makes a difference in young people's response to it.

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#NCFYchat: Serving LGBTQ Homeless Youth, November 24 at 2:30 p.m. EST

November 10, 2014

Join NCFY for a Twitter chat on improving services to LGBTQ youth experiencing homelessness.

A young man wearing a gray hoodie

Primary Sources: Can Sexual Identity Place a Young Man at Higher Risk for STIs?

November 7, 2014

In estimating risk of sexually transmitted infections, does it matter whether young men having sex with men call themselves gay, straight or bisexual?

A woman standing behind microphones pointing at a reporter.

Tips and Tricks for Engaging Media Outlets

November 5, 2014

Learn how to garner media attention for your work and your cause.

A young woman standing in front of a brick building

Primary Sources: Homeless Young Women with More Male Friends May Experience More Dating Violence

November 4, 2014

Researchers investigate whether the gender of those in homeless youth's social network affects their likelihood of experiencing of dating violence.

Young people piecing together a jigsaw puzzle

Piecing it All Together During National Runaway Prevention Month

November 3, 2014

Learn five ways to recognize National Runaway Prevention Month and raise awareness of the many issues that contribute to youth homelessness.

9-5 pm Eastern