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A young person stands in front of an art easel.

Creating Opportunities for Youth in Crisis Through Art Studio Programs

November 30, 2016

Learn how arts exploration benefits young people in a runaway and homeless youth program, and functions as an art studio for the community.

Diverse young people sharing a meal together.

How Do Formerly Homeless Youth Perceive the Impact Over Time of Transitional Living Programs?

November 29, 2016

Discover what aspects of a Transitional Living Program youth find most useful.

Two service providers looking over documents.

Carrying the Messages of Runaway Prevention Month Forward Beyond November

November 28, 2016

Learn about free materials organizations can distribute to prevent and end youth homelessness year-round.

Friends showing instant photo of themselves together.

National Runaway Prevention Month: LGBTQ Youth

November 22, 2016

Learn how you can help prevent LGBTQ youth victimization and homelessness.

Two Native American young people talking on a school campus.

Adapting Evidence-Based Sexual Health Interventions to Make Them Culturally Relevant for Native American Youth

November 17, 2016

Learn how researchers adapted an evidence-based adolescent pregnancy prevention intervention to better serve the needs of Native American youth.

A young person sitting on the sidewalk.

National Runaway Prevention Month: System-Involved Youth

November 15, 2016

Learn how to change the prevalence of homelessness among system-involved youth.

A Native American teen smiling.

"Native It’s Your Game" Focuses on Native Youth and Pregnancy Prevention

November 10, 2016

Discover how an evidence-based sexual health and life skills program helps Native American and Alaskan Native youth learn to make healthy decisions.

Building Evidence: A Free, Online, Bilingual Evaluation Toolkit

November 8, 2016

Try this free, online, bilingual learning tool to help Latino communities with family violence prevention and services.

Young people on the street.

National Runaway Prevention Month: Homeless Youth and Trafficking

November 7, 2016

Learn how overnight stays at drop-in centers help protect runaway and homeless youth from exploitation.

A young person carrying a knapsack and walking away.

National Runaway Prevention Month: Homeless Youth and Abuse

November 3, 2016

Learn how an abusive home can drive young people to run away.

All races, hands joined together.

National Runaway Prevention Month: Promoting Awareness

November 2, 2016

Discover some easy ways to spread the word about National Runaway Prevention Month throughout your network.

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