News: Fundraising

A diverse group of people chatting casually.

How Hosting Cozy Chats Can Help Your Nonprofit Build Relationships and Raise Money

May 8, 2015

A five-step primer from Seattle's Building Changes, a nonprofit that works to prevent and end homelessness.

Friends shopping together.

Right On the Money: Two Ways Your Organization Can Benefit From Holiday Shopping

December 22, 2014

Two give-while-you-shop services allow charities to make pocket change with little effort while enabling their supporters to shop and do good at the same time.

People dining at a pizza canteen truck.

Right on the Money: Food Trucks Make Tasty Fundraising Partners

September 24, 2014

Three tips from a Minneapolis organization that has enlisted lunchtime food trucks to raise money and awareness.

Two young people working on a computer.

Right on the Money: Tech Volunteers Can Save You Money and Help You Innovate

August 18, 2014

No budget for IT innovation? Find techies who want to donate their time to good causes.


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