News: NCFY Recommends

The Memorial to Dr. Martin Luther King in Washington, DC.

Honor Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Legacy Year-Round

February 23, 2017

Learn about volunteer opportunities youth can join to serve their communities.

A father has a conversation with his child.

Free Conversation Toolkit Helps Young People Stay Safe

February 21, 2017

Learn how to discuss sensitive topics like cybersafety, healthy relationships, and bullying with young people.

Love is patient, gentle, respectful, and kind: not abusive.

Participate in Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month

February 14, 2017

Learn about six events you can join to raise awareness about interpersonal violence among youth.

A young couple.

Resources for Youth To Address Relationship Abuse Year-Round

February 7, 2017

Learn about opportunities for young people to get involved in youth-led teen dating violence prevention campaigns.


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