News: Program Strategies

A young person stands in front of an art easel.

Creating Opportunities for Youth in Crisis Through Art Studio Programs

November 30, 2016

Learn how arts exploration benefits young people in a runaway and homeless youth program, and functions as an art studio for the community.

Friends showing instant photo of themselves together.

National Runaway Prevention Month: LGBTQ Youth

November 22, 2016

Learn how you can help prevent LGBTQ youth victimization and homelessness.

A young person sitting on the sidewalk.

National Runaway Prevention Month: System-Involved Youth

November 15, 2016

Learn how to change the prevalence of homelessness among system-involved youth.

A Native American teen smiling.

"Native It’s Your Game" Focuses on Native Youth and Pregnancy Prevention

November 10, 2016

Discover how an evidence-based sexual health and life skills program helps Native American and Alaskan Native youth learn to make healthy decisions.


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