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Latina and African-American young people.

Tailoring Family-Based HIV Prevention Interventions for African American and Latino Homeless Youth

January 18, 2017

Researchers assess parental relationships and sexual risk behaviors among homeless youth who are white, African American, or Latino.

A young mom with her baby.

Improving Pregnant and Parenting Adolescents’ Mental Health Using Narrative Exposure Therapy

January 10, 2017

Learn about an evidence-based therapy that may help young people process traumatic memories.

Diverse young people sharing a meal together.

How Do Formerly Homeless Youth Perceive the Impact Over Time of Transitional Living Programs?

November 29, 2016

Discover what aspects of a Transitional Living Program youth find most useful.

Two Native American young people talking on a school campus.

Adapting Evidence-Based Sexual Health Interventions to Make Them Culturally Relevant for Native American Youth

November 17, 2016

Learn how researchers adapted an evidence-based adolescent pregnancy prevention intervention to better serve the needs of Native American youth.


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