News: Research

Teen couple listening to an iPod.

Primary Sources: Monitoring, Measuring and Preventing Adolescent Pregnancy

August 25, 2009

 The latest research on preventing pregnancy among adolescents examines trends in the teen birth rate.

Young people running forward.

Primary Sources: Easing Foster Youths' Transition to Adulthood

July 25, 2009

 To successfully transition to adulthood, young people need consistent, constructive relationships with at least one experienced adult champion.

Young people posing for a photograph.

Primary Sources: Ensuring That Learning Goes On When School’s Out

June 15, 2009

Research shows that providing expanded learning opportunities, or ELOs, for older youth in the out-of-school hours may make adolescents more likely to go to school, finish their homework, do well on standardized test scores, and have good study habits and high motivation.

Photograph of a young woman looking up and smiling.

Primary Sources: Thinking Positive in More Ways Than One

May 25, 2009

 New research is showing that Positive Youth Development activities are better together and when combined with other strength-building approaches.


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