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image of a sign that reads Music Is My Life

An Art Exhibit by Homeless Youth Displays Their Love of Music, Their Creativity and Their Humanity

December 18, 2013

One hundred twenty-nine formerly homeless young people designed fictional instruments, and an exhibition of their sketches is starting conversations all over Washington state.

Photograph of a woman talking to a young man as he eats breakfast.

Six Ways You Can Help Youth During National Runaway Prevention Month--and Beyond

November 11, 2013

To mark National Runaway Prevention Month, we're highlighting essential advice for preventing young people from leaving home and helping them when they do.

A helping hand is offered to a troubled young person.

How To Help a Young Person Who Has Witnessed Domestic Violence

October 31, 2013

Chris Newlin, executive director of the National Children's Advocacy Center, takes us step by step through the intake process for a young person who has witnessed violence at home.

Photograph of a sign reading "Welcome Bridge graduates."

32 Fresh Starts: Graduation Day at a Boston GED Program

August 15, 2013

In June, Boston youth-serving agency Bridge Over Troubled Waters honored 32 young people who passed the GED high-school equivalency tests.


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