NCFY Reports

Mental Health: The First Step to Well Being

Photograph of healthy, happy young people.

When a young person experiences homelessness, abuse, pregnancy, or other dangers, we can often see the results. Whether it’s malnutrition or lack of dental care, the most glaring physical effects can usually be recognized and treated. The psychological effects, however, can be trickier to identify.

For this issue of NCFY Reports, we take a look at three of the more widespread mental health issues facing at-risk young people and their providers. First we learn five important things all family and youth workers should know about post-traumatic stress disorder. Then we hear from different youth programs about the risks and uses for psychotropic medications in traumatized young people. And last, we hear from experts about how to recognize and prevent postpartum depression in teen mothers.

But mental health is a huge field, and we want to hear from you about how you handle the biggest psychological challenges facing the young people you serve. Tell us on Twitter and Facebook about these and other issues, and share your best treatment practices as well.

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