NCFY Reports

Most At Risk: Population-Based Approaches for Helping Trafficking Victims

Young people on the street.

The Family and Youth Services Bureau’s grantees help young people with all varieties of difficult backgrounds, from domestic violence to homelessness to early pregnancy. But sexual trafficking and exploitation cut across all these experiences. In this issue of NCFY Reports, we look at some of the youth populations who are most prone to trafficking, and what youth and family workers can do to help them recover from that trauma.

Our first article summarizes the research around trafficked youth, which has broadly figured around certain high-risk groups. In short, young people with certain risk factors are more likely to be trafficked. With that in mind, the rest of this issue of NCFY Reports addresses some of those populations that are most at-risk: gay, bisexual and transgender boys; native and rural youth; and teen mothers.

As always, we want to hear about your experiences with this topic. If you’ve treated trafficked youth in your program, reach out on Facebook and Twitter and tell us how you did it. 

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