NCFY Reports

Promoting Fatherhood Where It’s Needed Most

A father and his young teen son.

Research shows that an active fatherly presence can promote children’s social and emotional well-being, academic achievement, and a host of other protective factors. However, for many clients of youth- and family-service providers, that ship has long sailed—fathers are often absent or abusive, or otherwise resistant to therapy and treatment.

In honor of Father’s Day, this issue of NCFY Reports is dedicated to helping bring dads back into the family fold, even when past behavior or circumstances have seemingly made that impossible. The programs and service providers in these articles are a testament to the idea that no paternal bond is unsalvageable when trauma-informed programs help it along. Not every young person can have a positive relationship with their fathers, but these approaches will give many at-risk youth a chance to see if they might. 

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