FYSB Publishes Toolkit to Promote Screening and Assessment of Homeless Youth

A young man talks to a therapist

We’re pleased to announce a new online resource to help family and youth workers narrow the field of available tools and practices to identify young people’s strengths and needs.

Screening and Assessment Tools for Runaway and Homeless Youth Programs is available courtesy of the Family and Youth Services Bureau, in consultation with the United States Interagency Council on Homelessness and its youth workgroup partners. The toolkit includes information on more than 50 screening and assessment tools, including their intended audience, key subject areas, requirements for use, and estimated cost.

Each tool is considered evidence-based, evidence-informed, or a promising practice. Some of the tools have been tested on youth with similar backgrounds and challenges to runaway and homeless young people, including youth in foster care. Others have demonstrated reliability and validity across multiple populations.

The new resource will assist organizations implementing the federal Intervention Model for Unaccompanied Youth (PDF, 2.9MB) as part of a national effort to end youth homelessness in 2020. That model encourages programs to use evidence-based screening and assessment tools when youth enter a program, and to use the information gathered by those tools to select evidence-based interventions leading to stable housing, permanent connections, improved well-being, and more.

Visit Screening and Assessment Tools for Runaway and Homeless Youth Programs.

Learn about the “Framework to End Youth Homelessness: A Resource Text for Dialogue and Action.”

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